Handheld Football – By Comfy Couch Media

Handheld Football is a throwback to the 70’s Mattel Classic Football Game; with this game does not Requires 2 “AA” batteries!! We have re mastered the old red dots or course, and added some better sound effects. A Simple quick addictive game! Football Handheld is a fun, inexpensive shot of nostalgia, though its design you will be lost on new pigskin gamer fans because this isn’t so much football, but a football-like exercise. The object of the game is to control a lone running back around defenders to get first downs on the way to a touchdown, or at least a field goal. Players anticipate the moves of the computer-controlled defenders to slide through gaps without being tackled. It plays as much like Space Invaders as football, but that simplicity makes it hypnotically fun.

Game Play

– Quick action and play
– Easy control

Game Features

– 12 teams / Uniform Colors to choose from
– Specify minutes of period
– Select playing field type
– Vibrate on tackle
– Difficulty level selection
– Game Skin UI selection
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